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                        - Slats. 1", 1.5" , 2" and 2.5"

                        - Valances. Crown and Flat shape. Width from 2.5" to 4"

                        - Bottom rails. Width from 1" to 2.5"

                        - Accessories: Wand, Wandknobs, Tassel, Button

                    Product Finishing

                    bg5.jpg    Many manufacturers use only roll-coat finishing for higher productivity in their operations. Tim Feng uses predominantly flow-coat finishing technology as this allows greater color penetration and more accurate color matching and consistency.

                        We only use paints from internationally-renowned coating companies, which provides excellent product quality and guarantees that our paints and stains conform to all safety standards and are free from hazardous materials such as lead, xylene etc.

                    Product Quality

                        Vertical integration of manufacturing allows for full control of manufacturing 

                        consistency throughout all steps in the production process. We employ a comprehensive quality system in all manufacturing processes and critical measurements are taken by our QA teams at each manufacturing step. Typical measurements taken are:


                        ● Moisture Content

                        ● Dimensional tolerances and straightness

                        ● Smoothness and consistency of sanding

                        ● Color accuracy with digital color spectrophotometer

                        ● Viscosity readings on the coating

                        In addition, a full final inspection is made for every batch of products, before it is allowed to ship.

                        Our production and quality teams have been cross-trained in large Japanese and North American enterprises, as well as being trained by their technicians at our plant.

                        Our good reputation with our customers has been earned over years of high volume supply. We are known for our good product quality, timely delivery, competitive price and tailored service.

                        Simply put: You can rely on us.

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